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April 12, 2015


JUDGE: Mr. Darryl Vice


BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
45 LISTONS HI-TECH GOLDEN ICON. WS479222/06. 04/11/2014. BREEDER: Lisa Spohn. By CH Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton-Listons Lucky Charms. OWNER: Lisa & Tonny Spohn. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.

BOXERS, American-Bred Dogs .
19 JOLINE'S QUILTING BEE BEAR PAW. WS457742/01. 09/05/2013. BREEDER: Owners. By GCH Carillon's MVP-Liston's Josie Ann. OWNER: Ted & Betty Lineberger. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.
23 TREBOR'S NEW ORLEANS POYDRES KNIGHT. WS447649/07. 08/11/2013. BREEDER: Robert Delatte & Gayann Jones. By GCH Belmar N' R and G's Southern Knight-Kenya Sunland Br. OWNER: Roxanne Bittinger.
31 RENEGADE'S BLACK BARRON OF BULLET. WS433632/04. 01/06/2013. BREEDER: Machelle Beasley & Danielle Butler. By CH Bullet's Braveheart of Suro-Renegade's Danicrest Raveness. OWNER: Michael Rath & Danielle Butler & Jacqueline Royce. AGENT: Danielle Butler.
43 DUNNFORDS BLACK TUX AND TIE. WS432285/05. 01/28/2013. BREEDER: Sandra Dunn. By CH Gentry's Next Generation At Dunnford-White Pine's Black Magic Woman. OWNER: Ricardo Huezo & Christine Shackleford. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Brindle .
7 HABERL'S LOVE OVER GOLD BN GN CDX RE CA. WS318682/02. 09/19/2009. BREEDER: MaryJane Alencewicz & BJ Barnhart & D Garrett & J. By CH Guapo Soto-CH Haberl's Forever Young CD RE. OWNER: MaryJane Alencewicz & BJ Barnhart.
33 RENAGADE LORD OF THE RING. WS433632/02. 04/07/2012. BREEDER: Dr. Jackie Royce and Danielle Butler. By CH Renagade Buck Shot-Danicrest Renagade Raveness. OWNER: Dr. Jackie Royce and Danielle Butler. AGENT: Danielle Butler.
37 PRYDE N' PRO'S WAIT FOR THE MAGIC. WS453496/01. 07/14/2013. BREEDER: Jessica Berger & Peggy Otto. By CH PRO's Windtalker-Pryde's I Am The Storm. OWNER: Peggy Otto & Jessica Berger.
39 OLYMPIC W HARMONY'S DISTANCE TRAVELD. WS401434/03. 12/17/2011. BREEDER: Pam Sthephenson & Sarah South. By CH Olympic's We Knew-CH Backwoods Shakin' My Booty. OWNER: Nicki McFarland & Julie Wilmore & Pam Stephenson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
9 GMANS SOUTHERN NIGHTS. WS429691/02. 11/25/2012. BREEDER: Rodney Heiligman & Dorothy Heiligman & Theresa Gal. By CH Rockett's Red Glare-CH Gmans Trivial Pursuit. OWNER: Sandra Todd & Christian Todd and Theresa Galle.
15 GABBYDELL'S SUMMER WINE. WS451296/01. 08/12/2013. BREEDER: Jen McPhee. By GCH Tybrushe Ain't No Saint-Winfall's Chantilly Lace. OWNER: Jen McPhee.
(12 dogs-2 pts, BW-3pts)
27 OAKWOOD'S SEA'DEUCER. WS344480/02. 06/03/2010. BREEDER: Dianna K Helmke & Chase Lee Todd. By CH Burlwood's Drive-In-Lover Bratticus-CH Oakwood's Mer-ee Tymes. OWNER: Lori Welsh.
35 KENASHER AND CACHET'S TRACERY. WS329244/01. 12/20/2009. BREEDER: Ken & Sherry Johnson and Leonard Magowitz. By CH KenaSher's Hired Gun-KenaSher's Cachet Priscilla. OWNER: Ken and Sherry Johnson. AGENT: Sherry Johnson.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
(17 bitches-3 pts)
10 VIXAYO'S ALL THAT'S LEFT FOR GARNSEY. WS487476/03. 08/30/2014. BREEDER: Kham Vixayo & BJ Barnhart. By CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues-Haberl's Golden Child. OWNER: Clayton Haviland & Kham Vixayo.
26 WIT'S END JET'AIME. WS484089/01. 09/22/2014. BREEDER: Constance Haywood. By CH Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor-Wit's End Total Eclipse. OWNER: Constance Haywood.
36 SHAMROCK BORDEAUX N PRO'S TRADE SECRET. WS486625/02. 10/12/2014. BREEDER: Byron Spivey & Deborah Spivey & Peggy Otto. By CH PRO's Bordeaux Top Secret-CH Bordeaux N PRO's Ms Grace d'Shamrock. OWNER: Peggy Otto.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
28 BREHO EMERSON DEJAVOODOO MARBURL. WS476351/01. 06/10/2014. BREEDER: Jim & Karen Emerson & Brenda Stuckey & Theresa Galle. By CH Illyrian and Marburls Hail To The Chief-CH Breho Emerson Voodoo Doll. OWNER: Brenda Stuckey/MaryFrances Burleson/Theresa Galle. AGENT: Terri Galle.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
20 BULLET DANICREST'S FIRE STARTER OF MYDE. WS473839/03. 04/01/2014. BREEDER: Dr. Jacqueline Royce and Danielle Butler. By CH Bullet Vancroft's You Must Remember This-Myde's I'm So Over You. OWNER: Dr. Jacqueline Royce. AGENT: Danielle Butler.
46 RUMMER RUN'S STEVIE WONDERFUL V JOVILEA. WS473062/01. 01/10/2014. BREEDER: Owners. By GCH Carillon's MVP-CH Countrytime's Sweet Home Alabama. OWNER: S & A Anderson & Claudine Raymo. AGENT: Rick Justice.
50 LISTONS HI-TECH CAST IN BRONZE. WS479222/01. 04/11/2014. BREEDER: Lisa Spohn. By CH Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton-Listons Lucky Charms. OWNER: Lisa & Tony Spohn. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
12 BRITLYN'S GAME ON. WS468788/02. 03/22/2014. BREEDER: Raynetta Buchholz. By CH Tybrushe's Ain't No Saint-Britlyn's Steel Magnolia. OWNER: Raynetta Buchholz.
32 PURE PRIDE KEENEN HOW CAN I REFUSE. WS444910/07. 03/28/2013. BREEDER: Steve Stewart & Gina Currier. By GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble at Pure Pride-Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield. OWNER: Steve Stewart & Gina Currier. AGENT: Gina Currier.

BOXERS, American-Bred Bitches .
16 ENCORE'S DAHLIA. WS455878/02. 10/01/2013. BREEDER: Cheryl Cates. By CH Encore's Ferrari-Encore's Fascination. OWNER: Steven & Cole Ferriera & Cheryl Cates.
22 KIMS FAMILY HEIRLOON OF WELLINGTON. WS429977/02. 10/26/2012. BREEDER: K Finlay & V Dorris & E Barnhart & O Lee Waters. By CH Haberls Heart Acre Bluesman CD BN RE CA-CH Kims Amazing Grace Custom Made. OWNER: K Finlay & E Barnhart & C Woodworth & M Alencewicz.
44 TEBOW'S GINGER SNAP OF ERHABEN. WS452163/01. 01/02/2013. BREEDER: Camille Swartz-Stevens. By CH Carillon's Number One Draft Pick-Erhaben's Sea Siren. OWNER: Ann & Steve Anderson & Camille Swartz-Stevens. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
6 DENSHAWS ILLUMINATION. WS473353/01. 02/11/2012. BREEDER: Shawn Mealey. By Foresthill's O Twist 'N Tyme-Denshaws Belle Of The Ball. OWNER: Shawn Mealey.
8 BENTBROOK'S LAROSE DES VENTS. WS376888/01. 05/29/2011. BREEDER: Barbara O Carroll. By CH Bentbrooks Texas Trooper-Bentbrook's Shadow Dancer. OWNER: Barbara O & Charles Carroll.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
14 JOLINE'S QUILTING BEE CONSTELLATION. WS457742/02. 09/05/2013. BREEDER: Owners. By GCH Carillon's MVP-Liston's Josie Ann. OWNER: Ted & Betty Lineberger. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.
18 OLYMPIC'S SOMETHIN' SWEET. WS437278/02. 11/29/2012. BREEDER: Julie Wilmore & Manuel Martinez. By GCH Encore's War Games-Olympic's Harbor Breeze. OWNER: J Wilmore & M Martinez.
34 MISTIBLU'S HEART OF THE SEA. WS360477/02. 10/21/2010. BREEDER: Sharon Taylor & Mary Lou Hatfield. By CH Cachet's Thief in the Night-CH Gem's Maggie Lee. OWNER: Ms Susan Renee Blue. AGENT: Gina Currier.
40 BOXWOOD'S DREAM TIME OF RUMMER RUN. WS425332/04. 09/18/2012. BREEDER: Ann & Steve Anderson. By GCH Ho-Pa's Grand Slam-CH Rummer Run's Tally Ho. OWNER: Sally & Susan Peters. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Veteran Dogs .
17 GCH RAINEYLANE- STUDIO DAVINCI SOM. WS126844/01. 03/13/2005. BREEDER: Mike & Trina Ahlers. By CH Raineylane's Marshall Dillon SOM-Telstar's Majestic Glory. OWNER: Jack & Bridget Brown.

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
5 GCH SHARLEDAR'S STEALIN' AWAY. WS313956/04. 07/21/2009. Dog. BREEDER: Sharon L Darby. By CH Raklyns Stealing The Show-CH Sharledar's Simply Divine. OWNER: Ann Campbell.

11 CH SURO'S STEP ASIDE. WS407628/01. 05/11/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Tom Erdmanczyk. By CH Tokalon's Gemstone-Czyk Point's Georgia Shift Into Fifth. OWNER: Susan & Rosemary Lichtenberger.

21 GCH LISTON'S DA YA THINK I'M SEXY. WS381681/08. 06/24/2011. Dog. BREEDER: Vi Campos & Sue Shields. By Liston's Ritchie Valens-Dieterich's Caribe Artifact. OWNER: Lisa Spohn & Cole Ferreira.

24 RED FERN BIDDING WAR. WS448340/01. 07/02/2013. Bitch. BREEDER: Rick Scherer. By CH Keilann's Twisted Kiss @ Celebrity-CH KrisMyth's Spirit at Red Fern. OWNER: Rick Scherer.

25 CH SHADIGEE'S MY MAKER'S MARK CGC. WS406849/05. 03/19/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Lee Nowak & Mary Jane Nowak. By CH Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor SOM-CH Shadigee's Lady Luck DOM. OWNER: Joyce Whittal & Lee Nowak & Mary Jane Nowak. AGENT: Jennifer Bittner.
29 CH WIT'S END NIGHT REVELER. WS429358/01. 08/24/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Constance Haywood and Angie Friesen. By CH Samson N Asuncion Night Reveler-Wit's End Total Eclipse. OWNER: Constance Haywood. AGENT: Gina Currier.

41 EXCALIBUR DEVLYN OF RUMMER RUN. WS415347/02. 07/29/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Brenda Rogers &Polly Whitney &Ann & Steve Anderson. By CH Carillon Number One Draft Pick-CH Rummer Run's Excalibur Karsen. OWNER: Polly Whitney & Brenda Roger. AGENT: Rick Justice.
42 CACHET'S MOONLIGHT'N MAGIC. WS445997/01. 07/17/2013. Bitch. BREEDER: Leonard Magowitz & Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings. By CH Avalon's Code Red-CH Cachet's Magic'N Mischief. OWNER: Leonard Magowitz & Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings.
48 GCH RUMMER RUN'S BLACK MAGIC. WS417573/02. 06/16/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: A & S Anderson & Claudine Raymo. By CH Ho-Pa's Grand Slam-CH Countrytime's Sweet Home Alabama. OWNER: Ann & Steve Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

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