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April 15, 2012


JUDGE: Mrs. Keke Kahn


BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
1 949 JG'S HE'S MY DREAM. WS384037/03. 07/18/2011. BREEDER: Jessica Gunn. By Ch Solid Rock's Keeping Score At Korvette-Pryde & Tribute's Temple of Artemis. OWNER: Jessica Gunn. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1 951 LISTON'S DA YA THINK I'M SEXY. WS381681/08. 06/24/2011. BREEDER: Vi Campos & Sue Shields. By Liston's Ritchie Valens-Dieterich's Caribe Artifact. OWNER: Lisa & Tony Spohn

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
1 953 HI-TECH'S SOUTHERN BLUES BOY. WS363099/01. 12/31/2010. BREEDER: Jeri Poller Tina Truesdale Gail Alix Kim Pastella. By Ch Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler-Ch GCH Hi-Tech's Southern Belle. OWNER: Jeri Poller Tina Truesdale Gail Alix Kim Pastella
2 955 FLORENTINE'S A SPECIAL AGENT OF RUMMER RUN. WS366607/01. 11/13/2010. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Runner Run's Box'N Blitz At PeJa-Ch Country Time's Fancy That. OWNER: Sally Palles. AGENT: Rick Justice.

957 TYBRUSHE'S SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN. WS380667/01. 01/19/2011. BREEDER: S McAvoy & Annette Clark & Darren Lovely. By GCh Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy-Ch Ensign's Futura Vita of Tybrushe. OWNER: Mary Sechler & Sheila McAvoy
3 959 RION N PURE PRIDE'S MR IMPERIUM. WS364732/02. 01/12/2011. BREEDER: Steve Stewart & Richie Wiggers & Don Teague. By GCh Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride-Rion's Centerfold. OWNER: Lara Hall & S Stewart & R Wiggers & D Teague
4 961 SERRANO'S SENDING A MESSAGE. WS374606/03. 03/23/2011. BREEDER: P Nicole Serrano & Lisa Spohn. By Liston's Ritchie Valens-?Serrano's Sunshine. OWNER: P Nicole Serrano

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
1 963 BLACKSTONE'S STEP'N N STYLE TO ECLIPSE. WS357130/01. 09/03/2010. BREEDER: Owners. By Roweton's Lunar Eclipse-Blackstone's To Hot To Handle. OWNER: Kristin Winter & Marlene Huebner

BOXERS, American-Bred Dogs .
3 965 BLUE MONDAY'S BOUNTY HUNTER. WS310193/01. 03/28/2009. BREEDER: Kim Hall & Lisa Dyer. By Blue Monday's Taking Chances-Blue Monday's All American Girl. OWNER: Cliff & Kim Hall
(23 dogs, 4 pts)
967 SHADIGEE'S CHECKMATE. WS323711/02. 11/02/2009. BREEDER: Alicia Feldhousen & Lee & Mary Jane Nowak. By Ch Summer's Blackjack of Shadigee-Shadigee's Moonlit Mirage. OWNER: Wendy Gram & Lee & Mary Jane Nowak
2 969 KP-BURLWOOD'S DREAM MACHINE. WS346053/02. 04/08/2010. BREEDER: Keri J Paulson and Rhonda A Nickels. By Ch Duba-Dae's Buster Brown-Ch Trusty's Drive'n Reckless. OWNER: Shoichi Onda
4 971 RUMMER RUN'S PATTON OF CARILLON. WS348178/06. 08/04/2010. BREEDER: Cindy Suarez. By Ch Capri's Woods End Spellcaster-Ch Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale. OWNER: Ann B & Steven G Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Brindle .

973 KP-BURLWOOD'S PARALYZER. WS240750/02. 10/16/2007. BREEDER: Keri Paulson. By Ch Burlwood's Drive'M Wild Dreamweaver-Turo's Classic Design. OWNER: Keri Paulson. AGENT: Michael M Shepherd, AKC Reg. Handler.

975 SEMPER FI LOCKED AND LOADED. WS257059/02. 02/26/2008. BREEDER: Claudia Clifton & Mike Clifton. By Semper Fi's Alone and Unafraid-Semper Fi Public Affair CD OA OAJ. OWNER: Susanne Johnson & Claudia Clifton
1 977 IRONDALE N BIG ROCK'S UNITED WE STAND. WS318361/02. 09/11/2009. BREEDER: Anita Franzi & Jennifer Tellier. By Ch Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy-Ch Telstar's Prudent Choice. OWNER: Abhay Trivedi. AGENT: Eileen Hackett PHA.
4 979 SOLIDROCK'S STANDING IN THE SON OF TURO. WS273871/03. 06/24/2008. BREEDER: Eva Leeman & K Page Conrad. By Ch Turo's Overture-Ch Korvette's Porsha. OWNER: Natalie Hamill. AGENT: Rick Justice.
2 981 TOP HAT'S LEGACY OF A RAJA RUFFIAN. WS344458/03. 04/26/2010. BREEDER: Charles Beasley & Avalon Jackson. By Ch Top Hat's You Are It Of RAJA-RAJA'S Tried N True at Top Hat. OWNER: Charles & Debbie Beasley
3 983 TAMARON'S FENWAY BALLPARK IN. WS324272/04. 01/01/2009. BREEDER: Joy Ioconi. By Ch Ionconi-Ch Liston Mint chip. OWNER: Joy iaconni. AGENT: Danielle Butler.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
3 985 TOP HAT'S BROWN BOMBER OF MCGRAY. WS328045/01. 12/03/2009. BREEDER: Dorthy Mcgray. By Ch. Top Hat's You Are It of RAJA-MCGRAY'S U GOT HEART. OWNER: Debora & Charles Beasley
2 987 LISTON'S BE ON THE LOOKOUT. WS360430/01. 09/09/2010. BREEDER: Lisa Spohn. By Liston's Ritchie Valens-Liston's Uptown Girl. OWNER: Melvin Wolfe

989 CHERKEI'S BUSY BEING AWOL NAJ. WS334853/02. 02/03/2009. BREEDER: Marjorie Ross & Cheryl Robbins & Keith Robbins. By Ch Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time-Ch Cherkei's Cotton Crinoline. OWNER: Sherry Buchla
4 991 BULLET'S OLIVER WAITS FOR NO ONE RN BN. WS326208/04. 11/11/2009. BREEDER: Dr Jackie Royce. By Ch Bullet's Braveheart Of Suro-Ch Sayoues Honky Tonk Gold. OWNER: Don & Debi White
1/RWD 993 FLORENTINE'S SEEKING JUSTICE @ PICTURE PERFECT. WS368252/07. 06/25/2010. BREEDER: Sally Palles & Barbara Bachman. By Rummer Run's Tug Of War-GCh Ch Carillon's Grand Monet. OWNER: Angie Lopez. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
1 948 FLORENTINE'S O SOLO MIA. WS381657/01. 07/24/2011. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Rummer Run's Box'n Blitz At Pejas-Ch Countrytime's Fancy That. OWNER: Sally Palles. AGENT: Rick Justice.
2 950 PINNACLES SB CRESENT CITY BREEZE MMS. WS390768/03. 09/24/2011. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Illyrian's Trilogy-Storybook Fantasia. OWNER: Debbie Schlesinger & J Lawrence & M Shepherd. AGENT: Michael M Shepherd, AKC Reg. Handler.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
A 952 PICTURE PERFECT'S KODAK IMAGE. WS379020/01. 05/22/2011. BREEDER: Billy Thomas & Angie Lopez. By PHOMAS'S WISH N WELLS PICTURE PERFECT-Chris Uno. OWNER: Angie Lopez
1/BPY 954 SEEJAY'S ON THE EDGE OF GLORY. WS381931/01. 07/13/2011. BREEDER: Joel Szust. By Ch Seejay's Golden Wildest Dream-Seejay's Signature Molly. OWNER: Joel Szust. AGENT: Page Conrad, AKC Reg. Handler.
3 956 WINMERE PAINTED LADY. WS384299/01. 07/10/2011. BREEDER: Theresa Garton. By Belco's Kiss My Grizz-Winmere St Clare RN. OWNER: Theresa Garton
2 958 BULLET'S BRICKHOUSE V TAMARON. WS380484/02. 04/23/2011. BREEDER: J. Ioconi L. Ioconi. By Ch Bullets Bravehart of Suro-Tamarons. OWNER: M. Harrington Dr. J. Royce J. Ioconi V. Millic. AGENT: Danielle Butler.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
1 960 SUNCREST I'M THE BABE. WS362385/01. 10/18/2010. BREEDER: Olive Lee-Waters. By Ch Carillon's Number One Draft Pick-Ch Suncrest Summer Nights Dream. OWNER: Steve & Ann Anderson & Olive Lee-Waters. AGENT: Rick Justice.
2 962 VIXAYO'S THINK OF MY DESTINY. WS365691/01. 12/20/2010. BREEDER: Rammie Fernandez. By Draco N Asuncion's Think Of Me-Rincon's Destine To Be On Top. OWNER: Kham Vixayo
4 964 WE-R'S CAUGHT YA TALKIN AT FARBEYOND. WS357932/02. 10/22/2010. BREEDER: Lainee Rupp. By Ch Rosend's Right On The Money-Butler's American Pie Of We-R. OWNER: Sara Mathews & Lainee Rupp
3 966 HI-TECH'S SOUTHERN D'LITE. WS363099/02. 12/31/2010. BREEDER: Jeri Poller Tina Truesdale Gail Alix Kim Calvacca. By Ch Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler-Ch GCH Hi-Tech's Southern Belle. OWNER: Jeri Poller Tina Truesdale Gail Alix Kim Calvacca

968 MAGRAY'S JUST ONE LOOK. WS369862/03. 02/07/2011. BREEDER: Dorothy Magray. By Ch OaK Knoll's Give Me Justice-PortOCall's All In At Showcase. OWNER: Kamiron Belcher & Dorothy Magray

BOXERS, Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitches .
1 970 BURLWOOD'S EXCLUSIVE TRADEMARK. WS311538/06. 07/10/2009. BREEDER: Rhonda Nickels & Phyllis Farrington & C Renard. By Ch Burlwood's Drive'm Wild Dreamweaver-Ch Trademark's Booming With Pride AX AXJ. OWNER: K Winter & P Farrington & C Renard

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
1 972 PRO'S RED TAB 501 BLUES. WS288399/01. 12/09/2008. BREEDER: Peggy Otto & Wendy Thomas. By Draco's Red And Sexy-Ch PRO's Rhythm And Blues. OWNER: Peggy Otto & Jorge Pinzon & Kevin McDonald

BOXERS, American-Bred Bitches .
2 974 DRACO'S LADY OF THE MASQUERADE. WS355789/04. 05/03/2010. BREEDER: Jorge Pinzon. By Ch Draco and Asuncion's Masquerade-PRO's From Here to Eternity. OWNER: Kham Vixayo
1 976 PRYDE & TRIBUTE'S TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS. WS297476/07. 11/03/2008. BREEDER: Jessica Hillbloom. By Ch Sandcastle's Enter Sandman-Lar-Ana's Kiss An Angel. OWNER: Jessica Gunn
A 978 KRISMYTH'S HOT WIRE OF WESTHAVEN. WS356229/08. 08/15/2010. BREEDER: Kristi Ahlquist & Carlos Puig. By Ch Berlane's High Voltage-Ch Krismyth Reflection. OWNER: Dave & Tami Westendorf

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
1/RWB 980 SHARLEDAR'S FLORAL DISPLAY V KENASHER. WS311937/01. 08/15/2009. BREEDER: Sharon Darby. By Ch CH Sharledar's Simply Decadent-Sharledar's Bella Bambino. OWNER: Ken & Sherry Johnson
3 982 ORTEGO'S COCO CHANEL. WS338780/01. 03/08/2010. BREEDER: Anthony & Alodia Ortego. By Jamieson's Bayli Corona-Ortego's Salsa Queen. OWNER: Alodia Ortego & Pedro Bustillo & Ely Betancourt
2 984 TOP HAT'S BELL OF THE BALL. WS344458/01. 10/26/2010. BREEDER: Charles Beasley and Avalon Jackson. By Ch Top Hat's You Are it of Raja-Raja's Tried N True at Top Hat. OWNER: Susan Quasdorf and Debora Beasley
4 986 SUNDARBY'S ROSE IN PARADISE. WS364828/01. 12/25/2010. BREEDER: Dawn M. Darby. By Reno's Rockewt N Rolln-Sundarby's Fly Like A Butterfly. OWNER: Dawn M. Darby

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
A 988 GLO-STAR'S DREAMS OF MERRIMENT. WS293800/01. 10/13/2008. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Rochils Call Of The Wild-Ch Suncrest's Dreams Of Gold. OWNER: Udomsak Rittichaikul & Jinny Rojas & D Galligan
4 990 EXCALIBUR RUMMER RUN'S LEXI. WS351407/01. 08/14/2010. BREEDER: B Rogers & P Whitney & A & S Anderson. By Ch Carillon Number One Draft Pick-Ch Rummer Run's Excalibur Karsen. OWNER: Polly Whitney & Brenda Rogers. AGENT: Rick Justice.

992 WINFALL'S CHANTILLY LACE. WS352584/01. 01/09/2010. BREEDER: Tina Porter. By Ch Winfall's Scooba Style-Winfall's Chocolate Martina. OWNER: Jen McPhee
(21 bitches, 3pts
994 LISTON'S ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD. WS360430/02. 09/09/2010. BREEDER: Lisa Spohn. By Liston's Ritchie Valens-Liston's Uptown Girl. OWNER: Melvin Wolfe
2 996 LISTON'S JOSIE ANN. WS278668/03. 04/18/2008. BREEDER: Lisa Spohn. By Danricks Done It Again-Liston's Viva Las Vegas. OWNER: Ted & Betty Lineberger. AGENT: Danielle Butler.
3 998 MCGEE N SUNSETS STEALING TOMORROW. WS311699/04. 07/11/2009. BREEDER: Howard & Sherry McGee. By Ch Bravo 'N' Sunsets Stealing Time-Ch Robertson McGee Tomorrows Hope. OWNER: Miguel Ases & Todd Corley. AGENT: Michael M Shepherd, AKC Reg. Handler.

BOXERS, Veteran Dogs .
1 995 GCH PRO'S ORIGINAL 501 BLUES. WS032242/01. 02/10/2003. BREEDER: William G and Laura J Nieschalk. By Ch Shamrock's Sixty Minute Man-Laura's CoCoPuff. OWNER: Peggy Otto & Laura Nieschalk & Jorge Pinzon & Kelli Brown

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
SEL 997 CH ORTEGO'S AMERICAN GIGOLO. WS296478/01. 10/22/2008. Dog. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Ortego's True To Tango-Ortego's Black Foot Dakota. OWNER: Alodia Ortego

999 CH HO-PA'S GRAND SLAM. WS337118/01. 04/14/2010. Dog. BREEDER: Carol Hobbs & Marla Parsons. By Gch Ch Carillon MVP-Ch HO-Pa's Penny For Your Thoughts. OWNER: Steve & Ann Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

1001 CH BULLET VANCROFT'S YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS. WS326208/03. 11/11/2009. Dog. BREEDER: Jacqueline Royce & Deb Clark & Danielle Butler & P. By Ch Bullet's Braveheart of Suro-Ch Savoye's Honky-Tonk Gold. OWNER: Dr. Jacqueline Royce & Deb Clark & Danielle Butler. AGENT: Danielle Butler.

1003 AVALONS WILD AS THE WIND. WS258550/04. 02/29/2008. Dog. BREEDER: C & J Ford & N Hansen & Dr D Buchwald. By Ch Bentbrooks Image Of High Noon-Ch Avalons Quiet Storm. OWNER: Mandy Lockard & N Hansen & Dr D Buchwald
BOS 1005 CH CARILON'S NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK. WS263453/04. 06/02/2008. Dog. BREEDER: Cindy Suarez. By Ch Capri's Woods End Spellcaster-Ch Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale. OWNER: Anne B & Steven G Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

1008 CH CH KAJA'S RUBY RED RASCAL AT MAXIMUS. WS336512/02. 04/24/2010. Bitch. BREEDER: Janet E Smith. By Rodon's Break Away At Kaja-Kaja's Freedom To Believe. OWNER: Lloyd Dissinger Dolores Dissinger Janet Smith. AGENT: Terry Smith.

1010 CH RUMMER RUN'S EXCALIBUR POPPY. WS351407/02. 08/14/2010. Bitch. BREEDER: B Rogers & P Whitney & S Anderson. By Ch Carillon Number One Draft Pick-Ch Rummer Run's Excalibur. OWNER: Ann & Steve Anderson & Mackenzie Jones
BOB 1012 GCH CH WINFALL I DREAM OF STYLE. WS256540/03. 05/28/2007. Bitch. BREEDER: Tina Porter & Lee Stanton. By Ch Brookwood's Place Of Drama-Winfall I've Got Style. OWNER: C & K Robbins & G & B Adkins & T Porter & J Pinson. AGENT: Michael M Shepherd, AKC Reg. Handler.
SEL 1014 CH BOCA ROYAL PALMS SMARTY'S GOLDEN GIRL. WS298185/03. 03/04/2009. Bitch. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Bjays Traveling Man-Ch Royal Palms Smarty Pants. OWNER: Gloria & Jack Bower & Joanna & Allan Dorfman. AGENT: Kay L Palade-Peiser.

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