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October 18, 2018



JUDGE: Ms. Sandy Weaver


BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
1/RWD/BPY 15 CINNIBON'S MISSION CRITICAL. WS600632/02. 02/22/2018. BREEDER: James Robberson & Bonnie Wagaman. By CH Cinnibon's Know When To Hold'Um-CH Cinnibon's Pieces O My Heart. OWNER: Todd Buchla & Sherry Buchla.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
(1 point)
9 DESTINY'S DUKE. WS541449/05. 07/10/2016. BREEDER: Monica Lynch. By CH Shadigee's Protege-Destiny's I Dream of Genie. OWNER: Steven & Marybeth Ippich & Monica Lynch.
19 KAMAKRIS'S SOUTHERN CRUSH @NORTH STAR. WS542120/02. 06/09/2016. BREEDER: Kamiron Alyssa Belcher & Alisha Curtis. By KamaKris's Chance Of A Lifetime-Athena Willing Warrior. OWNER: Gina E Fitch.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
11 PHANTOMS LORD OF THE HEARTBREAKERS. WS564252/05. 02/10/2017. BREEDER: Pam Phillips & Wendy Nixon. By CH Phantoms Hi-Jacque Of Spades-Phantoms Lady Jazmin. OWNER: Pam Phillips & Wendy Nixon.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
12 CLASSICS GOLD MINE GEMMA. WS565136/02. 01/07/2017. BREEDER: Sandy Rodweller & Jim Rodweller Jr. By GCH Steamline N Inspirations Crime Boss-GCH Boca Royal Palms N Classics Fancy Pants. OWNER: Jessica Bajwa. AGENT: Kay L Palade-Peiser.

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
5 CH MB VAN GOGH. WS588959/01. 04/09/2015. Dog. BREEDER: Angel Ivan Meza Garcia. By JR's Ace Of Diamonds-La Mona Lisa. OWNER: Mrs. Jack Billhardt. AGENT: Diego Garcia PHA, AKC Reg. Handler.
6 CH DESTINY'S FIRST IMPRESSION. WS541449/01. 07/10/2016. Bitch. BREEDER: Monica Lynch. By CH Shadigee' s Protege-Destiny's I Dream of Genie. OWNER: Monica Lynch.
7 CH CATCHET'N D'LYN'S TRIPLE PLAY@ROBERG. WS536419/06. 04/05/2016. Dog. BREEDER: Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Riding & Len Magowitz & Donna Otero. By Beevee's Big Bang Britlyn-GCH Ch Catchet'N Czar Kaiser Hit 1 Outta The Park. OWNER: Robert & Gail Maki.
21 CH RUMMER RUN MAXIMUS COMMANDER IN CHIEF. WS594713/04. 01/02/2017. Dog. BREEDER: Lloyd & Delores Dissinger & Terry Smith. By CH Carillon's Number One Draft Pick-GCH Kaja's Ruby Red Rascal At Maximus. OWNER: Ann & Steve Anderson & Lloyd Dissinger. AGENT: Rick Justice.

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