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October 15, 2015


JUDGE: Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia


BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
11 DAJEN'S A LITTLE LESS TALK & A LOT MORE ACTION. WS496959/01. 03/14/2015. BREEDER: Jennifer Bittner. By Dane's How Do You Like Me Now-Dajen's Branching Out. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
(2 dogs, 1 point)
17 EXACLIBUR N RUMMER RUN'S LAST CALL. WS483669/05. 10/01/2014. BREEDER: Polly Whitney & Brenda T Rogers. By Ch Rummer Run's Brigadier-Ch Excalibur Rummer Run Lexi. OWNER: Phillip & Cindy Moon. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
7 OLYMPIC'S STILL SMOKIN'. WS491083/01. 11/26/2013. BREEDER: Julie Wilmore. By Ch Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler-Olympic's Knew What?. OWNER: Julie Wilmore.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1/BPY 6 DAVIDSONS SPITFIRE ROBERG. WS488056/04. 10/20/2014. BREEDER: Larelle Clark. By Gch Ch Raklyns The Bronx Mvp At Third-Ch Davidson River Boat Queen. OWNER: Gail & Robert Maki & Larelle Clark.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
14 DAJEN'S BRANCHING OUT. WS432897/01. 02/22/2013. BREEDER: Jennifer Bittner. By Ch Denevi's Ripcurl At Rincon-Ch Dajen'N'Nicklebrooke Deep Roots. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner.

BOXERS, American-Bred Bitches .
(3 bitches, 1 point)
20 RUMMER RUN'S RHEA V PEJA. WS424274/04. 11/10/2012. BREEDER: Peggy Jackson. By Ch Caralon's Number One Draft Pick-Peja's A Toast To Rummer Run Of Rinder. OWNER: Rick & Mandy Justice.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
10 BULLET'S DANCIN WITH THE DEVIL AT AMETHYST. WS487477/03. 11/17/2014. BREEDER: Wally Johns. By Ch GCH Bullet's Vancrofts You Must Remember This-Lilly Star. OWNER: Dr. Jacqueline Royce.
18 OLYMPIC N HAPPY TAIL'S WHY NOT?. WS424183/01. 09/16/2012. BREEDER: Julie Wilmore & Amy Bieri. By Gch Ch Mi-T's Believe It Or Not-Olympic's Knew What?. OWNER: Nicki McFarland & Julie Wilmore. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
8 DAJEN'S NUT-MEG. WS386415/01. 09/01/2011. BREEDER: Jennifer Bittner. By Dajens I'm a Knockout of Locksley-Rincons Silly Gilly. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner.

BOXERS, Veteran Dogs .
9 CH DAJEN FENWAY'S JIGSAW. WS121302/01. 01/01/2005. BREEDER: Jennifer Ilton. By Ch Tamaron's Experienced-Dajen's Regal Desire. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner.
15 CH CARILLON'S NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK. WS263453/04. 06/02/2008. BREEDER: Cindy Suarez. By Ch Capri's Woods End Spellcaster-Ch Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale. OWNER: Ann B Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

BOXERS, Veteran Bitches .
12 CH DAJEN'N'NICKLEBROOKE DEEP ROOTS. WS188346/01. 08/13/2006. BREEDER: Sheryl Page & Todd Zimmerman. By Ch Dajen Fenway's Jigsaw HIC TT-Ch Tamaron's The Dharma Ruby. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner.

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
5 GCH CH SURO'S STEP ASIDE. WS407628/01. 05/11/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Tom Erdmanczyk. By Ch Tokalon's Gemstone-Czyk Point's Georgia Shift Into Fifth. OWNER: Susan & Rosemary Lichtenberger.
16 GCH CH RUMMER RUN'S BLACK MAGIC. WS417573/02. 06/16/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: A & S Anderson & Claudine Raymo. By Ch Ho-Pa's Grand Slam-Ch Countrytime's Sweet Home Alabama. OWNER: Ann & Steve Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

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