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October 16, 2014


JUDGE: Mr. James C. Briley


BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
(3 dogs, 1 point)
5 GABBYDELL'S SUMMER WINE. WS451296/01. 08/12/2013. BREEDER: Jen McPhee. By GCH Tybrushe Ain't No Saint-Winfall's Chantilly Lace. OWNER: Jen McPhee.

BOXERS, American-Bred Dogs .
15 PRYDE N' PRO'S WAIT FOR THE MAGIC. WS453496/01. 07/14/2013. BREEDER: Jessica Berger & Peggy Otto. By CH PRO's Windtalker-Pryde's I Am The Storm. OWNER: Peggy Otto & Jessica Berger.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Brindle .
17 WINMERE TIME TRIAL. WS296270/03. 03/08/2009. BREEDER: Lynn Garton & Theresa Garton. By CH Strawberry N Reo Gold Country-CH Winmere Indian Paintbruch OA AXJ. OWNER: Pat Mullen & Virginia Zurflieh.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
7 CANTERMAR HIGH INTENSITY. WS189003/03. 09/08/2006. BREEDER: Owners. By CH Excalibur Rummer Run Chequer-CH Odannys Cantermar French Kiss. OWNER: Marc & Lucy A Canter.
9 OAKWOOD'S SEA'DEUCER. WS344480/02. 06/03/2010. BREEDER: Dianna K Helmke & Chase Lee Todd. By CH Burlwood's Drive-In-Lover Bratticus-CH Oakwood's Mer-ee Tymes. OWNER: Lori Welsh.
11 SURO'S STEP ASIDE. WS407628/01. 05/11/2012. BREEDER: Tom Erdmanczyk. By CH Tokalon's Gemstone-Czyk Point's Georgia Shift Into Fifth. OWNER: Susan & Rosemary Lichtenberger.
27 JG'S HE'S MY DREAM. WS384037/03. 07/18/2011. BREEDER: Jessica Gunn. By CH Solid Rock's Keeping Score At Korvette-Pryde & Tribute's Temple of Artemis. OWNER: Susanne Johnson. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
6 CACHET'S MOONLIGHT'N MAGIC. WS445997/01. 07/17/2013. BREEDER: Leonard Magowitz & Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings. By CH Avalon's Code Red-CH Cachet's Magic'N Mischief. OWNER: Leonard Magowitz & Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings.
16 RED FERN BIDDING WAR. WS4483401. 07/02/2013. BREEDER: Owner. By GCH Keilann's Twisted Kiss @ Celebrity-GCH Krismyth's Spirit At Red Fern. OWNER: Rick Scherer. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
12 SUNDARBY'S FUELED BY KORVETTE. WS421464/02. 09/07/2012. BREEDER: Dawn Darby & Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Solidrock's Keeping Score At Korvette-CH Sundarby's Romp-N-Roulette. OWNER: Kimberly Page Conrad.
32 ARABY BAR NONE AT ESOTO. WS452483/05. 09/17/2013. BREEDER: Patricia Dollar. By GCH Araby High Pointe-Esoto Stella Artois At Araby. OWNER: Patricia Dollar Efren Soto Abner Mercado.

BOXERS, American-Bred Bitches .
36 SYMPHONY N RAINEYLANE'S RAISE YOUR GLASS. WS413710/03. 07/05/2012. BREEDER: Mollie Smith & Reuben Smith & Wendy Bettis. By CH Irondale's Look At Me Now-CH Symphony's Summer Wind. OWNER: Bridget Brown & Mollie Smith.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
38 KRISMYTH'S HOT WIRE OF WESTHAVEN. WS356229/08. 08/15/2010. BREEDER: Kristi Ahlquist & Carlos Puig. By CH Berlane's High Voltage-CH Krismyth Reflection. OWNER: Dave & Tami Westendorf.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
8 CANTERMAR'S ARUBA. WS382787/03. 07/23/2011. BREEDER: Marc & Cameron Canter. By Cantermar High Intensity-Cantermar's Cocomo. OWNER: Marc & Cameron Canter.
10 OAKWOODS FANTA SEA. WS344480/01. 06/03/2010. BREEDER: Dianna K Helmke & Chase Lee Todd. By CH Burlwoods Drive-N-Lover Bratticus-CH Oakwoods Mer EE Tymes. OWNER: Dianna K Helmke & Karrie A Farmer.
18 RED FERN POWER BROKER. WS448834/02. 07/02/2013. BREEDER: Rick Scherer. By CH Keilann's Twisted Kiss @ Celebrity-CH Krismyth's Spirit At Red Fern. OWNER: Rick Scherer & Jessica Gunn. AGENT: Linda M Whitney.
24 DRACO'S HONEY CHILD. WS424375/03. 08/16/2012. BREEDER: Khamphieng Vixayo. By Draco's Sikander-Haberl's Golden Child. OWNER: Mary K McCool.
30 DRACO'S NEW HOLLAND AT JULIAN FARM. WS425611/04. 07/24/2012. BREEDER: Jorge Pinzon. By Draco's Sikander-Draco's Golden Marguerita at Haberls. OWNER: Cherish Foy Julian & Donna Foy & Jorge Pinzon.
(8 bitches, 1 point)
44 KIM ON A WING AND A PRAYER. WS429977/01. 10/26/2012. BREEDER: V Dorris & K Finlay & E Barnhart & O Waters. By CH Haberl's Heart Acre Bluesman CD BN RE CA CD-CH Kim's Amazing Grace Custom Made. OWNER: Kay Peiser & Elizabeth Barnhart. AGENT: Kay L Palade-Peiser.

BOXERS, Veteran Dogs .
29 GCH RAINEYLANE- STUDIO DAVINCI SOM. WS126844/01. 03/13/2005. BREEDER: Mike & Trina Ahlers. By CH Raineylane's Marshall Dillon SOM-Telstar's Majestic Glory. OWNER: Jack & Bridget Brown.

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
19 CH KORVETTE'S MOVES LIKE JAGGER. WS394959/04. 12/22/2011. Dog. BREEDER: Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Solidrock's Keeping Score at Korvette-CH EWO's Virginia. OWNER: Rebecca & Tom Ford.
21 GCH ARABY HIGH POINTE. WS430808/01. 07/01/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Patricia Dollar. By GCH Araby High Life-Esoto Floradora Girl At Araby. OWNER: Patricia Dollar.

26 CH VIXAYO'S GOLDEN TICKET. WS424375/04. 08/15/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: Kham Vixayo. By Draco's Sikander-Haberl's Golden Child. OWNER: Kham Vixayo & BJ Barnhart & Giuseppe Renzulli.
28 CH CASTLE'S MIRACLE STORY. WS438901/01. 08/17/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: Anusart Intarateth. By CH Glo-Star's Dream It My Way-Image N Castle In My Love. OWNER: Anusart Intarateth & Udomsak Rittichaikul.
31 CH WINFALL'S MOONSTAR ROYAL PALMS. WS429137/03. 07/14/2012. Dog. BREEDER: R Joan Drury & Tina Porter. By CH Moon Valley Momentum-CH Winfall's We Love Chocolate. OWNER: Gloria Bower.
40 CH MEPHISTO'S SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. WS431210/01. 06/23/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: Michelle & Peter Yeadon & Monka Pinsker. By GCH Naja's Mi-T Alliance-Mephisto's Bada Bing. OWNER: Mrs Jack Billhardt & Sergio Tenenbaum. AGENT: Diego Garcia.
42 GCH PURE PRIDE'S ABSOLUTE. WS408621/07. 04/15/2012. Bitch. BREEDER: Steve Stewart. By GCH Pure Pride N Rion's Witches Brew-Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield. OWNER: Don Reichard Steve Stewart Gina Currier.

46 GCH CINNRHEE'S ONE OF A KIND. WS387982/01. 12/16/2010. Bitch. BREEDER: Medley Small & James & Priscilla Kilman. By CH Cinnrhee's Hiriveroler Heart Acre-CH Heart Acres Cinnrhee Of Kadenza. OWNER: Phillip Koenig & Denise Snyder & Medley Small. AGENT: Jody Paquette.

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