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October 17, 2013


JUDGE: Mrs. Cheryl C. Robbins


BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
A 15 JOVILEA'S 8-SECOND RIDE. WS438582/01. 03/16/2013. BREEDER: Claudine A Raymo. By Magray N Jovilea's Gunslinger-Jovilea's Could It Be Magic. OWNER: Anthony Gose & Claudine Raymo. AGENT: Rick Justice.
2 21 BRITTYN'S THE BROWN BOMBER. WS435093/01. 03/01/2013. BREEDER: Raynetta Bulhholz. By CH Britlyans Ruff'N Ready-Britlyns Steel Magnolia. OWNER: Raynetta & Brittany Bolhholz. AGENT: Gina Currier.
1/RWD & BPY 23 KENASHER'S SALES DISPLAY. WS434643/01. 01/27/2013. BREEDER: Kenneth and Sherry Johnson. By CH KenaSher's Top Salesman-CH Sharledars Floral Display V KenaSher. OWNER: Kenneth and Sherry Johnson.

BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1 53 KAMAKRIS'S CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. WS433583/03. 01/04/2013. BREEDER: Owner. By Rummer Runs Tug Of War-Magrays Just One Look. OWNER: Kamiron Belcher.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
1 19 SURO'S STEP ASIDE. WS407628/01. 05/11/2012. BREEDER: Tom Erdmanczyk. By CH Tokalon's Gemstone-Czyk Point's Georgia Shift Into Fifth. OWNER: Susan & Rosemary Lichtenberger.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
1 35 PRO'S LIGHT MY FIRE. WS424395/01. 09/05/2012. BREEDER: Peggy A Otto. By Pryde's Special Delivery From Draco-PRO's Goddess On The Mountain Top. OWNER: Peggy A Otto.

BOXERS, American-Bred Dogs .
(8 dogs, 1 pt)
25 SHADIGEE'S MY MAKER'S MARK CGC. WS406849/05. 03/19/2012. BREEDER: Lee Nowak & Mary Jane Nowak. By CH Pearlisle N Standing O Risk Factor-CH Shadigee's Lady Luck. OWNER: Joyce Whittal & Lee Nowak & Mary Jane Nowak. AGENT: Lori McClain Ferguson.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Brindle .
1 33 M-G-M'S BRAVEHEART. WS399177/01. 01/24/2012. BREEDER: Marsha L Matli. By CH Marburl's Hidalgo-MGM's Red Hot Rhythm of Marburl. OWNER: Marsha L Matli. AGENT: Lori McClain Ferguson.
A 45 WINFALL'S MOONSTAR ROYAL PALMS. WS429137/03. 07/14/2012. BREEDER: R Joan Drury & Tina Porter. By CH Moon Valley Momentum-CH Winfall's We Love Chocolate. OWNER: Gloria Bower.

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
1 27 KORVETTE'S MOVES LIKE JAGGER. WS394959/04. 12/22/2011. BREEDER: Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Solidrock's Keeping Score at Korvette-CH EWO's Virginia korvette. OWNER: Rebecca Ford and Tom Ford.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
1 12 KORVETTE'S THREE WISHES. WS436357/01. 03/04/2013. BREEDER: Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Sundarby's Politically Correct Korvette-Korvette's Georgia Peach @ Flemingo. OWNER: Kimberly Page Conrad.
2 28 DAJEN'S BRANCHING OUT. WS432897/01. 02/22/2013. BREEDER: Jennifer Bittner. By CH Denevi's Ripcurl At Rincon-CH Dajen'N'Nicklebrooke Deep Roots. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner. AGENT: Jennifer Bittner.

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1 24 MARBURL'S TANGO. WS433398/03. 01/10/2013. BREEDER: Owner. By CH Marburl's Hidalgo-Marburl's Zia. OWNER: Mary Frances Burleson. AGENT: Lori McClain Ferguson.
2 46 IRONDALE'S FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. WS430192/03. 01/13/2013. BREEDER: Lenore Ryan & Wendy Bettis. By GCH Duba-Dae Who's Your Daddy-GCH Gingerbread Christmas Cookie. OWNER: Gloria Bower & Kay Peiser & Wendy Bettis.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
(10 bitches, 2 pts)
18 VIXAYO'S GOLDEN TICKET. WS424375/04. 08/15/2012. BREEDER: Kham Vixayo. By Draco's Sikander-Haberl's Golden Child. OWNER: Kham Vixayo.
2 56 RUMMER RUN'S TUG ON MY HEARTSTRINGS. WS414688/01. 06/21/2012. BREEDER: Claudine Raymo. By Rummer Run's Tug Of War-Jovilea's Could It Be Magic. OWNER: Kamiron Belcher & Mandy Justice & Ann Anderson.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
1 10 KORVETTE'S HOLIDAY HOLLY. WS394959/02. 12/22/2011. BREEDER: Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Solidrock's Keeping Score At Korvette-CH Ewo's Virginia Korvette. OWNER: Kimberly Page Conrad & Jason Starr.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
1 16 KENASHER'S LILIES OF THE FIELD. WS317929/01. 09/12/2009. BREEDER: S & B Berry and S & B Russell DVM. By CH CH Kenasher's Hired Gun-Spellbound's Chamber of Secrets. OWNER: Ken & Sherry Johnson.
A 30 TOP HAT'S BELL OF THE BALL. WS344458/01. 10/26/2010. BREEDER: Charles Beasley and Avalon Jackson. By CH Top Hat's You Are It Of Raja-Raja's Tried N True At Top Hat. OWNER: Susan Quasdorf and Debora Beasley.
A 42 KRISMYTH'S HOT WIRE OF WESTHAVEN. WS356229/08. 08/15/2010. BREEDER: Kristi Ahlquist & Carlos Puig. By CH Berlane's High Voltage-CH Krismyth Reflection. OWNER: Dave & Tami Westendorf. AGENT: K Page Conrad.

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .
2 26 RUN RUN. WS443004/01. 06/30/2012. BREEDER: Sergio Martinez Diaz. By JR's Maximilliano-Next Step's Gold Finger. OWNER: Abner Mercado. AGENT: Lori McClain Ferguson.
1/RWB 40 HI-TECH N TARA'S WILD IRISH ROSE. WS340653/02. 03/17/2010. BREEDER: Zoila Truesdale & Barbara Grizlo. By CH Hi-Techs Sound Investment-CH Hi-Tech Tara's Paloma. OWNER: Pennie Fleming & Zoila Truesdale.

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .
A 7 CH RUMMER RUN'S MONEY IN THE BANKS @ GRAVESTOWN. WS414395/04. 05/21/2012. Dog. BREEDER: Rick Justice & Mandy Justice. By CH Carillon's Number One Draft Pick-Country Times An Echo In Harmony. OWNER: Michael H Graves II.
A 11 GCH CH HI-TECH'S KING OF SHERRY SHOOT JP. WS333795/02. 07/27/2009. Dog. BREEDER: Shinryo Teragaki. By CH Capri's Woods End Spellcaster-CH Dramatic Story Of Sherry Shoot JP. OWNER: Mrs Jack Billhardt & Sergio Tenenbaum. AGENT: Diego Garcia.
SEL 14 CH BRITLYN'S DIXIELAND DELIGHT. WS372403/01. 03/19/2011. Bitch. BREEDER: Raynetta Buchholz & Vicki East. By Bee-Vee's Dark Secret-CH Britlyn's Uptown Girl. OWNER: Raynetta Buchholz. AGENT: Gina Currier.
BOB 22 CH JOKAR'S N HAPPY TAIL'S FERGALICIOUS. WS385988/01. 08/18/2011. Bitch. BREEDER: Carrie Cole & Amy C. Bieri. By CH Barbiloc's Dart Image At Happy Tails NA NAJ-CH JoKar's Blonde Ambitions Of Happy Tails. OWNER: Mary Frances Burleson & Amy C. Bieri & Marci Bell. AGENT: Lori McClain Ferguson.
BOS 29 CH SUNDARBY'S POWERED BY KORVETTE. WS421464/01. 09/07/2012. Dog. BREEDER: K Page Conrad & Dawn Darby. By CH Solidroack's Keeping Score at Korvette-CH Sundarby's Romp-N-Roulette. OWNER: Dawn Darby& K Page Conrad.

38 CH DAJEN'N'NICKLEBROOKE DEEP ROOTS. WS188346/01. 08/13/2006. Bitch. BREEDER: Sheryl Page & Todd Zimmerman. By CH Dajen Fenway's Jigsaw HIC TT-CH Tamaron's The Dharma Ruby. OWNER: Jennifer Bittner. AGENT: Jennifer Bittner.

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