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October 18, 2012


JUDGE: Mr. William Cunningham


BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .
1 605 NIVEK'S IMAGE OF MY HEART. WS405087/01. 03/11/2012. BREEDER: Jean Marie Burkhamer and Tami Westendorf. By CH Crysto's Image of Arriba-CH Westhaven N Nivek's Grateful Heart. OWNER: Jean Marie and Kevin Burkhamer

BOXERS, Puppy Dogs 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1 607 KORVETTE'S MOVES LIKE JAGGER. WS394959/04. 12/22/2011. BREEDER: Kimberly Page Conrad. By CH Solidrock's Keeping Score at Korvette-CH Ewo's Virginia. OWNER: Rebecca Ford and Tom Ford. AGENT: Page Conrad, AKC Reg. Handler.

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
2 609 EPITOME'S DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. WS376727/01. 05/08/2011. BREEDER: Susan Standley. By CH Bentbrooks Texas Trooper-Shadoefax's Chasin' A Dream. OWNER: Susan Standley
1/RWD 611 DESERT'S KNIGHT VISION. WS374685/03. 05/14/2011. BREEDER: Virginia Bice. By CH R and G's N'Aloha's Wild Knight-CH Desert N Sundances Summertime. OWNER: Tara Maggle & Virginia Bice. AGENT: Christa Cook.

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
A 613 ARABY FRIENDLY FIRE. WS353109/03. 09/03/2010. BREEDER: Patricia J Dollar. By CH Howdi Partner's Main Man-Araby High Hopes. OWNER: Patricia J Dollar
1 615 SHADIGEE'S TOP SHELF. WS385181/06. 06/29/2011. BREEDER: Lee & Mary Jane Nowak. By CH Storybook Page After Page-CH Shadigee's Lady Luck. OWNER: Mary Jane & Lee Nowak

BOXERS, Open Dogs Brindle .
4 617 KENASHER'S DASHING CAVALIER. WS251141/01. 01/26/2008. BREEDER: Owners. By CH Cachet's Thief In The Night-CH Donray's First Lady of Kenasher. OWNER: Ken & Sherry Johnson
1 619 BLUE MONDAY'S BOUNTY HUNTER. WS310193/01. 03/28/2009. BREEDER: Kim Hall & Lisa Dyer. By Blue Monday's Taking Chances-Blue Monday's All American Girl. OWNER: Cliff & Kim Hall
3 621 DREAMCATCHER'S MACHISMO. WS340113/02. 04/11/2010. BREEDER: Vickie Cole. By CH Oak Knoll's Hot Rod Lincoln-Dreamcatcher's Maggie Mae. OWNER: Vickie Cole
2 623 SHARLEDAR'S THE SPITTING IMAGE. WS313956/07. 07/21/2009. BREEDER: Sharon Darby. By CH Raklyns Stealing The Show-CH Sharledar's Simply Divine. OWNER: Jennifer Rumping DVM

BOXERS, Open Dogs Fawn .
3 625 RUMMER RUN'S JUSTICE FOR ALL. WS380373/01. 02/28/2011. BREEDER: Owners. By GCH Carillon MVP-CH Rummer Run's Tally Ho. OWNER: Ann & Steven Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.
1/WD/BW 627 TYBRUSHE'S SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN. WS380667/01. 01/19/2011. BREEDER: S McAvoy & Annette Clark & Darren Lovely. By GCH Duba-Dae's Who's Your Daddy-CH Ensign's Futura Vita of Tybrushe. OWNER: Mary Sechler & Sheila McAvoy
2 629 CHERKEI'S BUSY BEING AWOL NAJ. WS334853/02. 02/03/2009. BREEDER: Marjorie Ross & Cheryl Robbins & Keith Robbins. By CH Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time-CH Cherkei's Cotton Crinoline. OWNER: Sherry Buchla

BOXERS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
1/RWB/BPY 604 LIBERTI'S FIRST CLASS PATRIOT. WS392370/02. 11/26/2011. BREEDER: Teresa Berge. By CH Silverlane's Excalibur-CH Liberti's Forever First Class. OWNER: Brad Redrow & Teresa Berge

BOXERS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Bitches .
1 606 WESTHAVEN-N-KEE'S TIS THE SEASON. WS388976/02. 10/12/2011. BREEDER: Danielle Aikman. By CH McCoy's Thunderstruck At Kee-Westhaven's Heart On Fire. OWNER: Dave & Tami Westendorf
2 608 ICONIC'S MYA ROSE OF BROOKVIEW. WS381754/03. 06/29/2011. BREEDER: Erik Mandel & Gloria Mandel. By South Willow & Mystic Valley's Pillars Of Sucess-Iconic's Southern Diamond Fusion. OWNER: Maggie Brinkmann & Erik Mandel

BOXERS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
1 610 RION'S ANTICIPATION WITH PURE PRIDE. WS387235/01. 08/11/2011. BREEDER: Richie Wiggers & Don Teague & Steve Stewart. By GCH Solidrocks Major Ensamble At Pure Pride-Rion's Centerfold. OWNER: Richie Wiggers & Don Teague

BOXERS, American-Bred Bitches .
3 612 PRO'S RED TAB 501 BLUES. WS288399/01. 12/09/2008. BREEDER: Peggy Otto & Wendy Thomas. By Draco's Red And Sexy-CH PRO's Rhythm And Blues. OWNER: Peggy Otto & Jorge Pinzon & Kevin McDonald
2 614 SAPPHIRE'S WORKIN' THE STRIP OF STREAMLINE. WS344194/01. 06/02/2010. BREEDER: Shelly Williams. By CH Brookwood's Place of Dreams-CH Sapphire's Wild Pitch of Burlwood. OWNER: Donald Mack & Joleena Young. AGENT: Christa Cook.
4 616 LEGACY'S ONE AND ONLY. WS346513/01. 06/04/2010. BREEDER: Owner. By CH Raklyns The Bronx MVP At Third-CH Sergio's Dutchess Of Legacy. OWNER: Ginny Nicholson
1 618 KARJEAN ZINGARA BRAVO! BRAVO!. WS362290/01. 10/02/2010. BREEDER: Owners. By CH Bravo's Orion V Kiebla-CH Bravo's Irresistible. OWNER: Carol Nesbitt & Tami Mishler. AGENT: Tami Mishler.

620 WE-R'S CAUGHT YA TALKIN AT FARBEYOND. WS357932/02. 10/22/2010. BREEDER: Lainee Rupp. By CH Rosend's Right On The Money SOM-Butler's American Pie Of We-R DOM. OWNER: Sara Mathews & Lainee Rupp

BOXERS, Open Bitches Brindle .
4 622 CACHET'S MAGIC'N MISCHIEF. WS244312/01. 12/10/2007. BREEDER: Leonard Magowitz & David Sendra. By CH Cachet's Thief In The Night-Cachet's Socialite. OWNER: Leonard Magowitz & Lou Ann Tibbitts-Ridings

624 ESOTO STELLA ARTOIS AT ARABY. WS313188/01. 02/20/2009. BREEDER: Efren Soto & Victor De La Garza. By GCH Araby High Life-Guapa Soto. OWNER: Efren Soto & Patricia Dollar
2 626 KENASHER'S LILIES OF THE FIELD. WS317929/01. 09/12/2009. BREEDER: S & B Berry and S & B Russell DVM. By CH Kenasher's Hired Gun-Spellbound's Chamber of Secrets. OWNER: Ken & Sherry Johnson. AGENT: Rick Justice.
3 628 SHARLEDARS A DREAM TO REMEMBER. WS282205/02. 11/11/2008. BREEDER: Sharon Darby. By CH Kee's Double Image-Sharledar's Bella Bambino. OWNER: James A Riggi
1 630 KRISMYTH'S HOT WIRE OF WESTHAVEN. WS356229/08. 08/15/2010. BREEDER: Kristi Ahlquist & Carlos Puig. By CH Berlane's High Voltage-CH Krismyth Reflection. OWNER: Dave & Tami Westendorf

BOXERS, Open Bitches Fawn .

632 BAR-K'S RIBBONS N ROSES. WS377322/01. 05/09/2011. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Brookwood's Full Moon-Bar-K's Perfectly Bejeweled. OWNER: Phillip Koenig. AGENT: Jody Paquette.
1/WB 634 WILKY'S CAN'T TOUCH THIS. WS301372/02. 04/15/2009. BREEDER: Todd and Loretta Wilkerson. By CH Beckencall's Daydream Believer-CH Wilkyanos Pennys From Heaven. OWNER: Todd and Loretta Wilkerson
4 636 HI-TECH'S SOUTHERN D'LITE. WS363099/02. 12/31/2010. BREEDER: Jeri Poller & Tina Truesdale & Gail Alix & Kim Calvacca. By CH Kimkar's Hi-Tech Traveler-GCH Hi-Tech's Southern Belle. OWNER: Jeri &  Tina Truesdale & Gail Alix & Kim Calvacca
2 638 RODON'S REAL MCCOY. WS323823/03. 10/06/2009. BREEDER: Donna George & Roger George. By CH McCoy's Hide Your Hearts-Rodon's Million Dollar Baby. OWNER: Charlotte Ryan & Larry McCoy. AGENT: Susan A Lichtenberger.
3 640 FOURBEARS' SCARLETT FLAME. WS334839/09. 02/18/2010. BREEDER: Larry W Dosier. By Ch Guapo-Ch Fourbears' Never Hungry. OWNER: Larry W Dosier

BOXERS, Veteran Dogs .
1 631 GCH RAINEYLANE- STUDIO DAVINCI SOM. WS126844/01. 03/13/2005. BREEDER: Mike & Trina Ahlers. By CH Raineylane's Marshall Dillon SOM-Telstar's Majestic Glory. OWNER: Jack & Bridget Brown

BOXERS, Best of Breed Competition .

633 CH MASUES'S VIRGINIA GENTLEMAN OF ARIA. WS289698/01. 01/30/2009. Dog. BREEDER: Sharon Fuerst. By CH Masues Out Of Luck-CH Masue's Fancy Affair. OWNER: Douglas & Sue Tolbert
BOB 635 CH HO-PA'S GRAND SLAM. WS337118/01. 04/14/2010. Dog. BREEDER: Carol Hobbs & Marla Parsons. By GCH Carillon MVP-CH Ho-Pa's Penny For Your Thoughts. OWNER: Steve & Ann Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.

637 CH NIVEK'S STOLEN TREASURE OF SHARLEDAR. WS354877/02. 10/03/2010. Dog. BREEDER: Jean Marie Burkhamer & Tami Westendorf. By GCH Bravo N Sunset Stealine Time-CH Westhaven N Nivek's Grateful Heart. OWNER: Sharon & Randy Darby
SEL 639 CH MOON VALLEY MOMENTUM. WS330645/03. 01/19/2010. Dog. BREEDER: Nancy Schepis & Ida Baum & Julie Wilmore. By CH Breezewood's Lord Of Wystmont CDX RE-Moon Valley Who Knew?. OWNER: Nancy Schepis & Ida Baum & Gloria Bower

641 CH CARILLON'S NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK. WS263453/04. 06/02/2008. Dog. BREEDER: Cindy Suarez. By CH Capri's Woods End Spellcaster-CH Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale. OWNER: Ann B Anderson. AGENT: Rick Justice.
SEL 644 GCH SURO'S PLAY IT AGAIN V BULLET. WS326208/02. 11/11/2009. Bitch. BREEDER: Jacqueline Royce & D Clark & D Butler & P Savoye. By CH Bullet's Braveheart Of Suro-CH Savoye's Honky-Tonk Gold. OWNER: Susan & Rosemary Lichtenberger
BOS 646 CH SAPPHIRES VIOLET SKY IN VEGAS OF STREAMLINE. WS302091/05. 04/21/2009. Bitch. BREEDER: Shelly Williams. By CH Brookwood's Place Of Dreams-CH Sapphire's Wild Pitch Of Burlwood. OWNER: Donald Mack & Joleena Young & Chuck & Gina Freer. AGENT: Christa Cook.
A 648 CH FOURBEARS' ALL-ABOUT EVE. WS160500/06. 12/01/2005. Bitch. BREEDER: Larry W Dosier & Alice D Harah. By CH EWO's Reflection of Breaker-Starfrost Ermine N' Pearls. OWNER: Larry W Dosier

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