How do I become a member of the Georgia Boxer Club?

An individual must attend two membership meetings of the Georgia Boxer Club before they are eligible to receive an application for membership.  The application can be obtained from the Georgia Boxer Club Secretary after attending the second meeting.  This attendance requirement provides an opportunity for Club Members to get to know the individual seeking membership and for the individual to get to know the Club Members and understand the work involved in Georgia Boxer Club membership. 

A prospective member must complete the membership application and be sponsored by two Georgia Boxer Club members.  The two sponsors must be from different families.  The application will ask questions concerning the prospective member's past experience with boxers, including: frequency of whelping litters, past and present membership in kennel clubs and other boxer clubs, recent attendance at dog shows, and areas in which the prospective member is willing to work to further the Boxer breed and goals of the Georgia Boxer Club.  The prospective member must read and agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws and the Rules of the Georgia Boxer Club.  In addition, a prospective member must certify that they will conduct themselves in accordance with the American Boxer Club Code of Ethics.

The membership application will typically be read at two successive meeting and the membership will vote on acceptance after the second reading.  Note that the individual must have attended two Georgia Boxer Club meetings within the six month period immediately prior to the second reading of the application.

Georgia Boxer Club

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